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Titulli i postimit * LEGAL OFFICER - PRISHTINA
Kategoria Jurist
Lloji i punës Full Time
Përshkrimi i Punës

For our client, an international bank, in Prishtina, Kosovo we are looking for:



Main responsibilities:

Research and Development

  • Monitors applicable laws adapted recently in the Republic of Kosova;
  • Ensures enforcement of existing bank policies and procedures;
  • Drafts legal opinions/memos/summaries on different legal issues required by different departments related to Bank’s activities;
  • Reviews all Bank policies and procedures, regulation and standards of practice;
  • Provides legal training and support to all the Bank staff.

Report and Evaluation

  • Reports on Clients against which the Bank has undertaken Legal Actions and Court proceedings are in progress.
  • Compiles reports on the sequestration process of movable collateral and execution of mortgage.
  • Participates in Evaluation Committees for deciding on offers to purchase sequestrated collateral processed through respective Auctions.
  • Reports on regular tasks carried out within Legal Department.
  • Responsible for managing and reporting operational risk incidents.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Provides Legal Advices on all issues that pertain to Legal Departments scope of work;
  • Conducts research and drafts accordingly Legal Opinions, Memos, Summaries on different issues as and when required by Bank’s Management and different Departments and Units;
  • Drafts different Bank’s and Legal Department’s Procedures and Policies and assists Head of the Legal Department in drafting and reviewing the same;
  • In cooperation with respective Bank Department’s, drafts and compiles respective Agreements for new products of the Bank and updates them accordingly;
  • Reviews different existing Bank documents such as Policies, Procedures, Agreements etc. with intention to improve protection of the Bank and its interests towards third parties;
  • Undertakes Legal Actions in respective Courts and Private Enforcement Agents of the Republic of Kosova against clients that do not fulfil their obligations towards the Bank based on the agreements signed;
  • Drafts and files proposals for execution of mortgage and sequestration of collateral of clients that don’t pay obligations and contact respective Judge’s, Court Execution Employees or Private Enforcement Agents for the same;
  • Prepares different law suits, claims, proposals, motions, criminal reports, other notices of violations, responses to appeals etc. and files them accordingly to respective Courts, Private Execution Agents and other institutions;
  • Regularly reports on Cases filed with respective Courts and Private Execution Agents against clients who do not pay the obligations towards the Bank;
  • Verifies Mortgage documents, Pledge and Cadaster Decisions on the Registration of the Real Estate properties of Borrowers in favor of the Bank, securing different Bank products such as Loans, Overdraft facilities, Letters of Guarantee etc.
  • Represents the Bank at different Courts in the Republic of Kosova concerning different claims, administrative, or other proceedings, or suits, investigations, inquiries, complaints, notices of violation, judgments, orders, directives or restrictions against the Bank or any of its assets, properties or business as well as in capacity of injured party for the same;
  • Represents Bank interests towards clients, state organizations, institutions and agencies as well as NGO’s, commercial companies, private individuals and other third parties;
  • Liaises and contacts different institutions and third parties as and when required to verify Legal Documents and obtain required relevant information;
  • Executes Court Orders and Decisions towards Bank clients as and when required;
  • Drafts memos, authorizations, annexes, minutes, regular schedule updates, responses etc.
  • Verifies property and other documentation for preparation of the lease Agreements/ Contracts and other Contracts as well as drafts and reviews different Agreements/Contracts with third parties including lease, commercial, goods sale and purchase, services, IT, employment, etc. as and when required from Bank’s relevant Departments;
  • Gives Advice and facilitates Bank’s Branch Managers on obtaining of Branch’s Working Permit as well as prepares requests and other paper work needed to update changes of Bank. Charter, as per Shareholders and BOD decisions, in the Business Registration Documents in the Kosova Agency of Business Registration and submit the annual report of bank. in the same institution; 
  • Cooperates and liaises with other Bank Departments and Units to execute different kind of projects and advises them accordingly;
  • The employee is obliged that, except for duties specified in the employment contract and in the job description, to perform other duties required by the immediate supervisor/employer, depending on the needs of the employer and/or in accordance with applicable laws and regulations as well as internal acts/bylaws of the employer.

Kërkesat e profilit


  • University Degree in Law (preferable master degree in Commercial Law);
  • At least five years of relevant of legal experience in banking business; 
  • Possess knowledge of bank legal practices and is well acquainted with applicable laws and knowledge of legal and banking issues in general;
  • Able to keep confidential information appropriately;
  • Determined personality with initiative, being able and willing to take responsibility.
  • Skills in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures, formulating policies and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures.
  • Very good ability to work in a team and under pressure.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Excellent written and oral knowledge of English and Albanian. Knowledge of other languages would be an advantage.
  • Good level of MS Office applications.
  • Willingness to work extra hours.

Tjetër (Opsionale)

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.
The interested candidates are invited to Apply online and send your application document (CV in English). If you have any technical questions related the application, please, contact Ms. Doruntina JAKUPI directly on +38138749001 (Monday - Friday) or sent an e-mail at: until 18 April 2017.

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