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Lloji i punës Full Time
Përshkrimi i Punës


  • Prepare, implement, and update a three-year technology plan (working with the technology committee and Academic Leadership Team) for both instructional and administrative use of computers/technology. 
  • Develop and implement strategies that facilitate the integration of technology into the classroom curriculum (i.e. team teaching, modeling, providing resources).
  • Develop and implement strategies that maximize student access to technology, K-12.
  • Coordinate purchase, repair, and maintenance of equipment with local and overseas vendors.
  • Maintain an up-to-date school hardware and software inventory.
  • Explore and evaluate new and existing software and hardware.
  • Monitor the development of a school-wide standards based curriculum for computer courses as well as exit standards at the completion of 5th, 8th and 12th grades.
  • Train faculty and staff in the use of various technologies.  Be prepared to offer classes after school or in the evening to both staff and the community.
  • Maintain and upgrade the Novell and Linux networks to provide optimal service to students, teachers, and administrators.
  • Troubleshoot/problem-solve breakdowns in hardware/software.
  • Supervise computer technician, network administrator and computer interns.
  • Coordinate activities of the computer department.
  • Serve as chairman of the Technology Committee.
  • Oversee and assist in the development of a Standards’ based Technology curriculum.
  • Support faculty, students, and community on matters related to computer applications.
  • Teach a class if so needed or desired.
  • Project manager for technology projects as assigned.
  • Provide cost estimates for district technology budgeting
  • Install and maintain routers, gateways and other communication hardware and software for regional and local communications.
  • Perform ongoing software maintenance on network and user machines: install, upgrades, and patches, perform preventative maintenance, troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software incompatibility issues.
  • Personal transportation and driver’s license required.
  • Ability to troubleshoot, repair, replace, or reconnect computer hardware and a variety of computer peripherals.
  • Ability to analyze technical situations, communicate effectively with users, coordinate with campus and vendors, and document technical and procedural content.
  • Knowledge of and experience with Windows server installation, setup, preferences, and networking including networked servers.
  • Knowledge of and experience with SIS applications such as PowerSchool
  • Knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Office, Adobe, Webex, Aruba Wireless Networks, and Google Apps for Education.
  • Maintain Active Directory Objects and Group Policies- Maintaining the storage infrastructures
  • Provides Level III support for inquiries from Level I and Level II support staff, including PC desktop OS and application issues, as well as printers, VOIP PBX, scanners, voice and video software/hardware issues
  • Ability to select, purchase, and deploy hardware and software in coordination with campus Information and Education Technology office, approved vendors, and campus Purchasing and Inventory departments.
  • Ability to manage sensitive equipment, and surplus inventory in collaboration with other departments
  • Plan and execute basic database functions as required/related to systems operations
  • Maintain test environment and plan, implement, coach and train for new releases.
  • Monitor ongoing operations and data integrity and assist with student data audits.

Kërkesat e profilit


  • Appropriate Teaching Certificate.
  • Master’s Degree preferable.
  • Successful previous experience in technology in an international school characterized by cultural diversity and wide-ranging ability levels of student body.
  • Successful teaching experience.
  • Can communicate respectfully and effectively with students, teachers, staff, and parents.
  • Open and broadminded; eclectic in style.
  • Values and appreciates quality teaching and is skilled in communicating that to staff.
  • Guided by a solid philosophy of education aligned with the school’s mission and philosophy.
  • Clear understanding of curriculum, curriculum development and a variety of instructional methodologies appropriate for technological use.
  • Good listener and articulate speaker and writer in English and Albanian.
  • Flexible: able to assess, analyze, and adjust programs accordingly.
  • Communicates enthusiasm and spirit.
  • Committed to personally promoting the technology as a tool.
  • Superior Web building skills.
  • Understanding and vision of the utility of Web and open source technologies in international education.
  • Ability to work effectively as team leader and team member.
  • Knowledge, skills and ability to provide both on-site and remote access computer related support services to all faculty and staff located in assigned offices and research and education centers.
  • Technical skills with:
  • Microsoft Windows Server and Desktop OS
  • Microsoft Office
  • Active Directory and Group Policies
  • PowerSchool SIS VMware: SRM, ESXi
  • Experience with enterprise hardware such as:Cisco Switches, Routers, Firewalls
  • Yealink VOIP Infrastructure
  • PowerSchool/SIS Systems Administrator-Maintain and create yearly schedule for ES,MS and HS through PowerScheduler, Maintain the current PowerSchool and PowerTeacher environment and recommend improvements in processes and workflow. Create and maintain reporting capability within PowerSchool. Lead the research, analysis, requirements, design, testing and implementation of new PowerSchool and PowerTeacher features and modules (Parent Portal, Apps, etc.). Work with staff to align PowerSchool and PowerTeacher parameters to academic and other policies. Maintain appropriate system documentation on procedures and configurations. • Serve as second-line support to help desk and school-based specialists on user questions and problems with PowerSchool and PowerTeacher, with ultimate responsibility for end user support. Coordinate and administer PowerSchool and PowerTeacher trainings to school and district staff.


Tjetër (Opsionale)


NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

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