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Titulli i postimit * FASHION STORE MANAGER
Kategoria Drejtues/Menaxher
Lloji i punës Full Time
Përshkrimi i Punës

                              About the job Fashion Store Manager

Main responsibilities:

  • Manages and motivates store staff to increase daily sales and maximize work efficiency;
  • Manages and controls the stock; keeps all relevant documentation and records sales regularly to see stock level;
  • Receives the goods every time the supply arrives and ensures that the relevant procedure is followed meticulously; signs the necessary documentation and coordinates with the finance to close the inventory after receiving the goods;
  • Compiles periodic statistical reports to analyze the level of sales by trends, preferences, age group, etc., in order to facilitate planning, predict future sales volume and maximize store profits;
  • Compiles other reports whenever requested by the general manager;
  • Deals with staff issues by periodically evaluating performance, offers and proposes training and professional development opportunities for store staff through: formal training, in-company training, daily instructions, sharing of written information received directly from the franchiser, etc;
  • Strictly monitors the implementation of working hours and work discipline by staff and proposes to the CEO and HR, when necessary, disciplinary measures argued in relation to the problems identified;

Kërkesat e profilit

  • Compiles responsibly a list of weekly and monthly staff presentations, applying all the rules set in this regard (normal working hours, overtime hours, public holidays, regular leave, etc.);
  • Ensures the implementation of basic standards of quality, presentation and placement of goods in the store; tidiness and cleanliness in the store and warehouse, the daily operation of the store and customer service;
  • Responds to customer complaints and comments;
  • Finds and suggests practical and creative forms for store / merchandise promotion by working closely with the Marketing Manager and obtaining approval from the CEO, e.g. providing links to schools, the media and the community at large whenever required;
  • Participates in periodic meetings organized by the CEO or third parties, when necessary;
  • Prioritizes, identifies and solves urgent problems related to the smooth running of the store;
  • Recognizes and follows the trends of the clothing sales business in general; anticipates in advance and understands the interests and trends of customers and intentionally monitors the progress of competition;
  • Suggests / proposes to the CEO ideas and initiatives for business improvement;
  • Assists itself in sales whenever necessary;
  • Checks with cameras, at least one hour a week of unit activity. The control of the cameras becomes documented, the manager saves in the file the controlled film images and the accompanying documents;
  • Once a week the manager does a physical check of the cash register and signs the cash delivery form every time he does the weekly check;
  • It is responsible for tracking marketing campaigns. The manager consults with the event calendar and prepares in advance the requirements plan which must be submitted to the Marketing department at least one week before the event;
  • Oversees the implementation of the working procedure;
  • Maintains and updates the work procedure;
  • The manager is responsible for the assets of the unit by signing at the end of each year the list of Fixed Assets balance in the unit;
  • The list of assets of the unit is processed and deposited by the finance specialist responsible for fixed assets;
  • Within the 14th of the month, it requests from Pash finance and inventory differences and analyzes the results of the reports.

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