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The HeadHunter Group is a private profitable company, headquartered in New York City, Rockefeller Plaza! We operate in USA, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina! Partnering all around the world with the Biggest Global HR Companies! More than 1500 clients in these countries have chosen The HeadHunter Group! We are the only and truly Social Responsible Company, contributing every year for human rights, women rights and LGBT rights at the work place! Our business has a positive impact on the people every day. Helping people to “better job, better life” is our common purpose and the way in which we contribute to society. This is what we do, this is what we know about, this is what we care about, and this is what we are all about.

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Kategoria Software/Web Development
Lloji i punës Full Time
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An international company is looking for an experienced Software QA Engineer that takes pride in setting the bar high when it comes to quality throughout the software development process. Our ideal candidate is driven with great attention to detail and has the ability to plan and implement automated test suites from the ground up to improve overall product quality. As part of your role, you will become a product expert and will work closely with developers to provide early feedback on new features and functionality.


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  • Experience building secure multi-tier web applications using ASP.NET Core
  • Experience with AWS hosting environments and DevOps
  • Strong desire to learn and collaborate with the team
  • Strong abstraction and design skills
  • Strong understanding of data modeling and relational databases
  • Proficiency with server side languages such as C# and Python
  • Proficiency with front end languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript
  • Familiarity with databases such as SQL Server, Postgres, and MongoDB
  • Ability to work with remote coworkers in other time zones


  • Experience with big data streaming platforms such as AWS Kinesis or Apache Kafka
  • Knowledge of front end frameworks such as Angular or React
  • Experience using Docker and/or Kubernetes to build containerized applications
  • Familiarity with Agile development methodologies such as Scrum
  • Experience working with Data Scientists to bring business insights to the product
  • Experience working with Customer Success to troubleshoot and correct customer issues

Tjetër (Opsionale)


Tive is a rapidly growing company with a highly efficient and talented team. Success is measured by your ability to solve problems for our customers and support your fellow co-workers in doing the same. We value transparency with frequent feedback between peers to ensure we all have the opportunity to grow and evolve together. Come join us to make the world a more efficient place.

Tive is an equal opportunity employer. The Company is committed to providing an open and inclusive environment for all of its employees.  The Company prohibits any discrimination on the basis of gender, gender identity, pregnancy, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, criminal record, or genetic information. 

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