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The HeadHunter Group is an innovative Staffing and Recruiting Company operating in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina and USA. We offer the newest mentality in Staffing industry and our core business are Candidates and Clients.

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  • Budget and Finance Management:
  • Responsible for organization, leading and supervision of budget and finance department, accounting and cash of the hotel;
  • Responsible that in co-operation with other departments, prepares timely and regular overall hotel budget and evaluates periodic financial reports and financial statements;
  • Responsible for organizing internal and external audits at the end of each calendar year, and initiates the necessary measures to improve departments, depending on the audit;
  • Responsible for assigning the use of financial means to the following business of the corporation;
  • Staff/Personel Management:
  • Responsible for corporate internal organization, appoints and dismisses managers/ people with special authorizations and responsibilities;
  • Responsible for signing and termination of employment contracts with all hotel staff, and authorizing the responsible person on human resources to sign employment contracts;
  • Responsible for hiring and recruiting appropriate staff, based on corporate plan and development, as well as providing the correct guidance to new employees;
  • Responsible to support employees in training and certification in order to increase their capacity and professional development at work;
  • Responsible for holding regular monthly meetings with department , where will be reported on the results, eventual problems and their solutions in order to further develop; 
  • Responsible for holding individual meetings in order to have better communication and to encourage employees to take over responsibilities for carrying out their duties;
  • Responsible for setting up committees and working groups for successful business conduct and taking measures to improve business and business activities;
  • Responsible for overseeing the timely and accurate performance of work and duties as well as providing orders for the execution of works;
  • Responsible for settling disputes at work, such as suspension, dismissal as well as disciplinary and material administration for employees, as a body of first instance placement;
  • Contracts and Legal Cases:
  • Responsible for organizing and conducting corporate business, in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the Assembly of Shareholders, and executing their decisions;
  • Responsible for existing corporate insurances and in consultation with insurance agencies and departments, verifies whether the risks are adequately covered; 
  • Responsible for leasing hotel premises or renting any space to meet hotel needs;
  • Responsible for corporate representation inside and outside Kosovo, or authorizes people with special responsibility for performing the representation;
  • Responsible for the implementation of legal provisions and general corporate acts; 
  • Responsible for the approval or refusal of official travel of employees within and outside Kosovo;
  • Sales and Marketing:
  • Responsible for the preperation of hotel service offers;
  • Responsible that through the various offers the hotel's quality services continuously suit the needs / interests of the guests;  
  • Responsible for final price determination for hotel services and eventual price changes;
  • Responsible for reviewing company bids for marketing development and reviews of local and regional competition developments;   
  • Responsible for the purchase of food and other goods for the hotel's needs, which have low cost, but being careful not to diminish the quality and quality of the services;
  • Responsible for monitoring the fulfillment of maintenance plans and is informed about existing maintenance contracts;
  • Responsible for the monitoring and guidance of employees for the proper use and care of equipment, technical equipment and control of the use of goods and corporate property;
  • Responsible for the design of corporate investment and renovation plans;
  • It cares for the surveillance of the services through personal controls in the hotel's wards such as: kitchen, reception, restaurant, bar, rooms, etc., with the aim of providing high quality services;
  • Keeps in touch with guests and clients;
  • Takes care of always being informed about hotel complaints and avoiding the causes of their appearance through personal contact with guests;
  • Ensures regular, adequate and good housekeeping of inventory, car and hotel equipment in general;
  • It takes care of the preservation of international sanitary and health standards and especially the hygienic control of workplace, the control of the use of appliances, the fine inventory, sanitary, fire safety;
  • Materially responses to the work and all the actions taken during the performance of the work for which it is competent.



  • Higher professional education in the field of hotel, business administration or similar;
  • At least 5 (five) years of experience in hotel management;
  • Certificate on conducting professional trainings in hotel management; 
  • Sufficient professional experience to withstand the work under pressure and responsibilities that attach to this annex work contract and other normative acts of the employer;  
  • Very good professional and practical knowledge in the hotel's operating areas;
  • Skills of perfect knowledge of economics, marketing and sales, human resource management, finance and accounting as well as business operation of 5 star hotel services;  
  • Skill to learn with willingness and interest and enthusiast for work;  
  • Strong salesmanship;   
  • Skill to solve and face problems; 
  • Good communication skills in Albanian and English; 
  • Good computer skills and knowledge in the field of IT (Microsoft Office programs, Fidelio, etc);
  • Ability to create excellent interpersonal and teamwork relationships;   
  • Decision-making skills, self-initiated and willing to take responsibility of his work;
  • Ability to work independently, be representative and responsible, as well as strong stability at the work;
  • Ability to motivate employees at the hotel;
  • Knowledge about common accounting systems / programs; 
  • Good leadership and hospitality abilities;
  • Communicable, flexible and diplomatic approach to problems; 
  • Talent of organization and improvisation, recognition and intuition of people.

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REMUNERATION/ SALARY:        Highly Competitive.

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

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