Help Desk IT niveli II

About us

Innovaway S.P.A: operates in the ICT sector and offers personalized solutions by using the latest technology utilized by more than 150 clients that operate in the financial sector, Retail and Luxury sector, from transports and services to utilities and public administration. Innovaway’s offer is divided in three areas: IT service management, Information technology, and Business process Outsourcing. For the offer of IT service management, Innovaway uses its own Multi language Service Desk which is the only one in Italy, that is capable of managing any client needs with its own employees. From the single point of contact to the call management for incidents or support requests, of which we manage the entire life cycle to resolution. It operates 24H, 7 days a week, and manages around 1.400.000 contacts a year. The performance extends from the call dispatching to the onsite support, passing through the Help Desk first, second, and third level, the advanced governance and the Fleet management.

Τίτλος ανάρτησης * Help Desk IT niveli II
Περιγραφή εργασίας

Kompania Innovaway operon ne fushen ICT dhe jemi duke kerkuar figurat me njohurite e meposhtme per pozicionin Help Desk IT te nivelit II.



Kandidatet duhet te kene njohurite e meposhtme:

Diplome ne fushen informatike.

Te flase mire italisht dhe anglisht

Njohuri shume te mira:

• Sistemet operative te Microsoft server e client

• Sistemet  e networking (Firewall, router, proxy, DNS, DHCP)

• Te sistemeve DataBase SQL, Access

• Njohuri ne  Web Apps


Άλλο (Προαιρετικό)

Shenim: Te interesuarit jane te lutur te dergojne CV ne adresen email:

Ju faleminderit!