Forestry expert in Kosovo, how worthy is this profession?

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This time analyzing the profile of the profession:  Expert / consultant of Forestry.

Learn about education and the necessary preparation it takes to become a consultant / forestry expert. Get the right information about the requirements as well as details about academic programs, job duties and responsibilities, skills and certifications needed to understand whether or not this is of interest to your career.

forest management, forest maintenance, forest cultivation, planting trees in cities and urban areas, research on soil quality and advice in controlling insects and management of wildlife, are just some of the services that forests consultants can 'they offer to their customers.

This week gives its opinion Proud Salihu, National Expert of Forestry in Kosovo.


What are the distinguishing features of this profession?

  • Forestry is a profession through which all developed activities for sustainable forest management. With this profession can be accessed in many areas of work such as forest management, forest and environment maintenance, forest cultivation, protection of forests and the environment, national parks, urban forestry, ecology of forests and environment, Design of forest roads, forest economy, PHYTOPATHOLOGY, Hunting, GIS and cartography, pedology, erosion and soil protection, Dendrometria, Dendrologjia, forest Botany, wood anatomy, physiology, etc. forest.


What is the importance of this profession?

  • It is very difficult to determine in a few words the importance of this profession. Everything that surrounds us and which is closely related to our life and health stems from plants, trees, soil, air and nature. The first question to you is mine: From where we get oxygen? But some good tell you that we have from the woods and then believe that you can understand the importance of this profession:
  • 1ha of forest absorbs 68 tons of dust per year
  • 1ha forest releases oxygen 15000l
  • 1ha of forest releases per day about 47 000 liters of water vapor during transpiration process and affect the climate in the vicinity up to 60 km
  • 1 ha of forests during one year processes and filters about two million liters of water
  • The forest is filtruesi / largest natural cleanser to clean water in the soil
  • Forests regulate global climate and temperature
  • Forests regulate global warming
  • Forests produce oxygen
  • Forests control the flow of water
  • Forests are a shelter for the animal world
  • Forests absorb noise and air pollutants


What do you think should be studied this profession and what is academic direction to be followed:

  • Faculty of Forestry, including levels BSc, MSc, PhD, etc.


Is there a demand for this profession?

  • Given that Kosovo has 481.000 ha of forests or 44.70% of the total area, then there is clearly demand for this profession and always has our country needs for experts in the field.


How many such experts in Kosovo / Region?

  • In the absence of experts in this field. Perhaps influenced by the fact that in Kosovo until this year there was no faculty of forestry and studies abroad have been difficult and higher costs. All colleagues who work in this sector have completed their studies abroad. Approximately number of experts in Kosovo is cca 50. University Hoti, in the academic year 2016/2017 is open Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Sciences. Now, anyone interested can study on forests for Kosovo really is no need for such experts. In the situation of countries in the region it is different, there is no more forest experts and have more experience in this regard. An example, Croatia / Zagreb Faculty of Forestry has since 1860. Also, the faculty has Pyllarisë in other countries in the region such as Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Bosnia, etc., so the number of experts in each country it is greater than in Kosovo.


What is the level of pay?

  • In our state institutions that are responsible for this sector (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development and Kosovo Forestry Agency) the level of salary is the coefficient 7, 8 and 9 depending on responsibilities and managerial level. But colleagues who work in private companies or international organizations have the level of salary high salary.


And finally:

An Indian proverb says: "The trees are heaven." If the forests disappear, heavenly roof will collapse on our planet. Then they will disappear humans and nature