karriera.al offers:

· FREE registration for all jobseekers and companies.
· Publication of all non-Premium Job Listings or Notifications is FREE, while for Premium publications there is a certain price that varies from the duration of the job release.
· Publication of the notice is always accompanied by your business logo and other desirable information about your company.

Below the picture you can see clearly illustrate the user opening procedures with your company's data, as well as the steps to publish the notifications.

The best and most efficient way to apply directly on new and old job posts on karriera.al is by clicking "Apply". By this the necessary data automatically goes to the company you applied for and makes you a potential candidate for the job vacancy. Don't forget to upload your professional CV in order to be seen directly in the application you clicked, by this you save your time and the company knows faster your professional profile. 

So remember, when you register as Job Seeker on the portal, fill in all the information required and upload your CV.

Once you register and login as jobseekers , find  button " Search Jobs " . Once you have clicked job search page,  all the available job positions will open. You can search for employment by region  or you can filter the search by the job position by clicking Jobs ( depending the filter you use, the positions will be displayed accordingly) 

To post new releases you must be registered as a company. Click the main menu after submenu appears the name of the company in which there is a link Post Job . Once you click Post Job opens a window with data for post work . Once you have completed the data ( do not forget to click on the map the location of the work ) than finally click submit button and your announcement appears active.

Publications releases are free . You only need to register as a company ( free ) to be able to post publications for vacancies.

Once you have posted a job as a company and you want to modify it, you should go to the jobs ( to the main menu after you clicking your name ) , clicking on Jobs a window opens with your personal information and under that is the table with the Job that have you posted . Below the name of each Job you can find Edit button , after you click edit the page opens where each field can be edited.

When you register as a company and you fill the data there is the button where you can upload the company logo . However, the company logo can also be changed in the profile of your the company when you need additional data or when you edit something, you can find the link Change logo and you can upload the new logo.

You are not obliged to attach the CV as a job seeker, but when you are applying for a job position it would be better if you send your CV  to the companies and becoming a serious candidate for the job position.

Premium posts are announcementens stand on the top of the page and are eye-catching. After you posted a job and want it to be premium, you should contact the info@karriera.al or call 00355 68 80 87 499, for payment information. After the payment the administrator of karriera.al will approve the post on the site as Premium.

When you register as a company at the main menu click the name of the company and it appears the link Jobs. After you`ve clicked edit page it opens the editing work date, you have only to substitute the work date (the date of commencement or termination) and save the changes. 

Once you are logged-in click your name in the main menu and the submenu will appear, then click the link Jobs. Now you can find the jobs you applied for and your personal data.

Once you are  logged in click your name at the main menu. Click Profile and a window with your personal data will appear. Click on Change CV and the window will open with request for a  new CV, choose your new CV and upload it. You have to click Save in order to save the updated personal data.

In order to register as a company you have to sign up as a company at the main menu. After you filled all the information required, don`t forget to upload the company logo. 

In order to register as a jobseeker you have to sign up as a Worker at the main menu. After you have filled all the information required upload your personal CV in PDF or Word. After you register sign in in order to check your account.