We need our Star Python developer!

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We operate in a supportive, understanding, non-political and non-stressful company, our threshold for BS is zero. As a result, we reward, mentor and grow the best people and quickly remove people with the wrong attitude or behaviours.

We can help teach skills and capabilities, but no behaviours.

Our entire staff family, are supportive, help each other, polite, positive - so we do our best to protect that!


* Our Tech *

Very flat on purpose

Windows, Google Cloud, Google Suite, Python, Langchain, MongoDB


* Deliverables *

Very varied.

1. Simple enhancements to existing purpose-build applications

2. Highly experimental, innovative: AI, automation etc

* Out of scope *

1. Politics

2. Pointless admin work

3. Long project documentation


* The environment *

1. Value-based: No pointless work that will be thrown away

2. Fast Paced: We create value and deliver in hours, days and sometimes 1-2 weeks - Never months!

3. Enjoyable: No politics, no BS, no blame culture, no stress

4. Rewarding :  Trust + support + responsibilities + mentorship + bonuses (if you exceed expectations).



Kërkesat e profilit

* Ideal Candidate *

1. Reliable and dependable:

Do what you say, say what you do.


2. Available and predictable

Be available and responsive when you say you will be


3. Professional

Ensure that you have connectivity and your tech works.

e,g video camera, reception. You must be able to work around your own problems (we will help if we can)


4. Proactive

Find answers to issues. Ask the organisation (even the CEO will help you), read, learn


5. Deadline and value-focused

Work hours are very flexible. Everyone has a life - but you must make the deadlines that you promise


6. Persistent and positive

Where there is a will - there is a way! We'll help you!


7. Proud

Ensure your coding standards. meet, better yet, exceed our own standards


* Critical Expectations *

1. Fully understand the requirements

2. Provide the solutions / work issues out as a team

3. Code must meet our standards (DRY, adheres to best practices, well commented, modular and dynamic)

4. Create short walkthroughs of solutions and the code

5. Available for video calls and live working sessions if needed via shared screen

6. Futureproof as possible (ie you've thought about how the solution could break and either come up with creative solutions and/or clearly identified and prepared us to areas at risk with suggestions to fix).

What we can offer you


1. Opportunities to work with famous external clients (e.g. Disney, Ernst & Young, Credit Suisse)

You can pick contracts that work for you without politics, stress or drama. We manage all of that for you.


2. Multiple internal project opportunities

Become our long-term preferred supplier. We offer you projects that match your skill set and interest.


3. Great working environment

Be welcomed into our happy, supportive and helpful family environment (read our Upwork reviews).


4. Bonuses!

We value great people.


How we reward


We do everything to help our people become the best and reward the best people to keep them happy.

We reward people based on 4 levels of performance:



IF YOU: Deliver work on time, meet acceptance criteria & meet basic company expectations [e.g. attend a few calls, help others, be dependable & proactive]

WE REWARD: 5* Rating + Agreed full contract rate paid + Guaranteed bonus + Long-term partnership + recommendation to global clients + invitations to work with us on big Fortune 500 clients (you will be protected from politics by us)



IF YOU: Deliver your work as promised on time, meet acceptance criteria

WE REWARD: 5* Rating + Agreed full contract rate paid



IF YOU: Deliver your work as promised, meet acceptance criteria (but work is late)

WE REWARD: Agreed full contract rate paid only



IF YOU: Don't meet acceptance criteria or become unresponsive, unreliable or difficult.

WE REWARD: Lower rating and,or payment to be negotiated.


Tjetër (Opsionale)

Language:  English

Experience Level: With Experience

How to apply:

Send your resume/CV and cover letter to work@crowdgainer.com

Only candidates fulfilling due requirements will be contacted by e-mail.

Paga $10-15/hr