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Our business has a positive impact on the people every day. Helping people to “better job, better life” is our common purpose and the way in which we contribute to society. This is what we do, this is what we know about, this is what we care about, and this is what we are all about.

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Mission of the position:
The IH F2F Fundraiser is responsible for involving and motivating all the people
(s)he approaches face to face to become SOS Children´s Villages supporters by becoming
committed givers;
The IH F2F Fundraiser is responsible for acquiring new high quality and loyally
committed givers, that will support the Organisation on a long term basis;
The IH F2F Fundraiser is responsible for representing and raising the awareness of
SOS Children´s Villages brand and projects;
Main clients:
External: potential donors, location store managers or agents related with the F2F
Indoors activity;
F2F Team Leader/F2F Coordinator/Head of Individual Giving;
FR team colleagues for individual fundraising and communications;
Key performance areas and main responsibilities:
(S)he is responsible for approaching people face to face in public and private sites,
outdoor and indoor, and for motivating them to become SOS Committed givers on a
lorg term basis;
(S)he is responsible for presenting the possibility to sign an ongoing donation
through a clear, honest and transparent communication.

Kërkesat e profilit

The position aims to:
o Acquire new Committed givers.
o Act as a brand ambassador, representing SOS in the more appropriate way
and raising the public awareness of the brand and projects.
(S)he is responsible for clear and appropriate communication when interacting with
donors of the Organization.
(S)he is responsible for a collaborative attitude with his/her team and supervisor.
(S)he has to adhere to all official manuals, guidelines, minutes of Fund Development
& Communication Workshops and standards issued by the SOS Childrens Villages or
the Fund Development & Communications Department CEE/CIS/ME as well as to the
legal requirements in the country.

Child rights & advocacy: the fundraiser ensures that communication for F2F
fundraising follows a child-rights terminology and approach (incl. respect of the
childrens right to privacy) and is co-ordinated and consistent with communication and
messages pursuing advocacy objectives.
Responsible within own area of work to prevent and protect children of all forms of
abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence and discrimination based on SOS Child
Protection Policy principles.
Responsible to report any Child Safeguarding (CS) suspicion, concern, allegation, or
incident immediately following Child Safeguarding reporting procedures. CS reports
should be made to the national CS focal

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What we offer?

Regular monthly income.
Flexible working hours of 20 hours.
Incentive bonuses.
Experience in international.
Developing new knowledge and skills,
Continuing education and opportunity for advancement.

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