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Lloji i punës Full Time
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  • Responsible for the design, development and implementation of the sales and marketing plan, which identifies guests and customer groups (business companies, local and international institutions, etc.);
  • Responsible for developing sales and marketing strategy in order to increase sales by promoting products and services, focusing on direct promotion of services;
  • Responsible for creating a business plan and an action strategy to expand the customer base in the field of sales services in the market, making visits to potential customers;
  • Responsible for preparing action plans in search of new clients;
  • Responsible for timely delivery of accurate and competitive prices for all potential customers, but trying to keep maximum corporate profit;
  • Responsible for keeping accurate data on all sales and marketing activities, prices and reports for product and service presentations;
  • Responsible for maintaining permanent contacts with all clients and guests to ensure their high level of satisfaction as well as developing personal conversations with customers regarding their complaints, professional handling of customer complaints, within the framework of opportunities ;
  • Responsible for making proposals for disciplinary action in case of violation of the rules of employment of the employees in the sales department;
  • Responsible for organizing staff if it is sufficient, especially during situations when the hotel reaches its peak with conferences or in seasons when there is a drop in conferences;
  • Responsible for drafting the draft budget for the sales and marketing department budget, monitoring that the budget is spent according to the foreseen dynamics, timely delivery of all sales activities on the basis of the approved budget and ensuring that the planned budget is accessible;
  • Responsible to supervise and control the performance of duties by employees in the sales department and the organization of conferences in accordance with high quality assurance standards;
  • Responsible for polite, friendly, professional and courteous care to clients;
  • Responsible for participating in regular weekly meetings with all department managers and following all events at the Hotel, conferences, business meetings etc;
  • Responsible for customer demand research, market circumstances, competition data and implementation of sales and marketing plan;
  • Responsible that in cooperation with the legal department prepare contracts for the sale of conferences;
  • Responsible for analyzing and evaluating the effect and results of marketing in the sale of services, controlling the sale of corporate services and, where appropriate, delegating tasks to its subordinate employees;
  • Responsible for the management of sales and control of all sales invoices of services, inputs and expenditures and the compilation of monthly reports on revenues and expenses of sales activities;
  • Responsible for drafting monthly reports on revenues and expenses of sales and marketing activities;
  • Responsible for information and cooperation with senior management and keep up-to-date with any information regarding corporate progress / regression;
  • Maintain excellent and reputable appearance, keeping the uniform clean, displaying the name in uniform and meeting the standards of personal hygiene;
  • Materially responses to the work and all the actions taken during the performance of the work for which it is competent;
  • Responsible for compiling weekly and monthly reports for the work done and for all results and eventual problems and informs senior management with any information regarding corporate progress;
  • Performs other professional work as requested and instructed by the General Director and Resident Manager, and which work is within the scope of its activity.

Kërkesat e profilit


  • Higher professional education in the field of economy, marketing or sales (international business).
  • Very good professional knowledge in the field of sales of services in the hotel sector;
  • Skills to learn with willingness and interest and enthusiasm for work;
  • Skills for pleasant, cultured and willingness to help;
  • Skills to solve and face problems in practical situations;
  • Skill of good communication in Albanian and at least two international languages;
  • Good computer skills and knowledge in the field of IT (Microsoft Office programs, Fidelio etc);
  • Ability to create excellent relationships between personal and team work as well as be disciplined;
  • Decision-making skills, self-initiated and ready to take responsibility in work;
  • Ability to work independently and with responsibility;
  • Knowledge to streamline work activities in a quiet and guest-oriented way;
  • Alerted, flexible and diplomatic approach to problems;
  • Talent of organization and improvisation, recognition and intuition of people;
  • Have at least 3 (three) years of experience in sales and marketing management;
  • Certificate for conducting professional training;
  • Sufficient professional experience to withstand the under pressure work and the responsibilities associated with this annex to the employment contract and other normative acts of the employer.

Tjetër (Opsionale)

REMUNERATION/ SALARY:        Highly Competitive.

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.

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